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A question about Web3 or Kodao.io?

See the answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

What is Kodao?

Kodao is a web development and consulting agency helping organizations in all stages of their Web3 projects:

Creation of NFTs designs, Development of smartcontracts, websites and Web3 platform, Integration of Web3 tools, Marketing and strategic consulting

What services do you offer?

We offer different solutions that fit your needs:

Creation of NFTs designs, Development of smartcontracts, websites and Web3 platform, Integration of Web3 tools, Marketing and strategic consulting

The first offer corresponds to the Web3 Starter Pack, it is intended for all the organizations or all the creators wishing to give a new scale to their activity. This offer contains the essentials to start quickly and easily in Web3.

The second is an "à la carte" service solution. It is intended for organizations wishing to take full advantage of Web3 and its infinite possibilities. It is customizable and will be defined according to your needs. You will have for example the possibility of having your own personalized Web3 platform and a support (marketing, strategic, technical...).

A demo of the Web3 platform will be available soon (date to be defined in the next few weeks).

What is Web3?

The Web3 corresponds to the decentralized Web, which means that the data of a user does not pass through the servers of an intermediary (company, social network, brand ...). The data is anonymous and owned by the user. The Web3 gives much more freedom and power to users but it also implies more responsibilities.

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for "non-fungible token". It is a token that cannot be replaced and therefore has a unique value. Any other non-fungible token that might be similar to it would be considered a copy. An NFT is a digital asset that acts as a digital property title linked to the blockchain.It is therefore impossible to copy it.

Example of a non-digital fungible asset: A 10€ bill (replaceable by another 10€ bill) Example of a non-digital non-fungible asset: The Mona Lisa (not replaceable)

Is an NFT really useful?

The term NFT has been used for a very short time and is often compared to an image with no other use. In reality an NFT is a technology that offers solutions that were not possible to have before its existence. An NFT simply ensures the authenticity of a digital asset and secures its sale or purchase. The usefulness of an NFT is not based on the technology but rather on the way it is used.

Who are your services intended for?

Our services are intended for any company, association, club or content creator with a community that wants to get into the Web3 ecosystem as soon as possible.

Web3 is a new and difficult subject to grasp. The transition may take a lot of time and effort but is inevitable.

Our services are therefore intended for those who wish to continue their activity while taking a first step towards Web3.

What blockchain are you working on?

We are able to work on any compatible EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) blockchain. Today, we prefer the Polygon blockchain which is energy efficient and has low issuance and transaction costs.

As a comparison, the total annual energy consumption of the Polygon blockchain is equivalent to that of 200 French households.

What are your rates?

The rates we offer may vary depending on your needs and the options you want to use.

Please contact us with your requirements via the contact form so that we can send you a quote or give you more details.

Where to start?

More and more world-renowned companies are embarking on Web3 after identifying a new need in web usage.

At Kodao, we believe that in the future, Web3 will become more and more popular until it becomes the norm.

For many companies and creators, it is not easy to embark on this adventure for lack of means, tools, knowledge and time. This is why we have taken the step to make Web3 more accessible by creating Kodao.io.

All you have to do is contact us so that we can suggest you tools adapted to your community. We guarantee a response in less than 48 hours!

Kodao.io helps you get started in Web3!

The Web3 allows to give much more freedom and and power to end users, creating an infinite number of possibilities for organizations and their communities. It's time to build, sell, innovate and share ! Get started with web3 now!