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The Web3

From consumer to co-owner

  • Web 1.0 was about posting content online.

  • Web 2.0 has allowed communities to interact with brands or creators through social platforms (Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).

  • With Web 3.0 it is now possible to own your data and to hold digital assets (NFT) that can represent membership in a community and that gives the ability to prove the authenticity of this ownership. Thus, it offers an alternative to the centralized models dictated by social platforms, reducing the power of these intermediaries and redistributing it to creators and their communities.

The Web3


The future of community involvement

Members of a community can now become financially and emotionally involved around the same project, in a totally secure and decentralized way. Discover a new way to interact with your community with the Web3.


1. Create and sell your digital art

With Kodao, your community members can now collect unique digital art (NFT) pieces with your image, reinforcing their sense of belonging to this group. They will be fully owners and they will be able to freely exchange it, offer it, sell it, in a secure way and without any control organization. The funds collected during the sale of these collections of NFTs will allow you to finance your activity and new projects appreciated by your community.


2. Grant exclusive access and rights

The digital assets collected by your community members are the keys to many benefits such as access to a private chat, exclusive and unlockable content, governance rights, private events, discounts, gifts ... Possibilities are endless and not limited to a digital environment. These digital keys are linked to the blockchain and therefore cannot be duplicated.


3. Co-create with your community

All owners of this digital art can now get involved and participate actively in the development of your projects through a governance space reserved for them (DAO). At Kodao.io, we are convinced that gathering a group of active members sharing the same interests will allow you to develop your business faster and to enhance the value of the content, products or services you offer.


4. Reward your community

Thanks to Web3 you can now share the success of your activity with the most involved members. Reward your community according to their commitment, on your terms, as fairly and ethically as possible. Empower them and offer them unique experiences!

Kodao.io helps you get started in Web3!

The Web3 allows to give much more freedom and and power to end users, creating an infinite number of possibilities for organizations and their communities. It's time to build, sell, innovate and share ! Get started with web3 now!

Any questions? Check out our FAQ!

Web3, blockchain, NFTs, what do these terms mean and are they really useful for your organization ? We answer to that in the FAQ!