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Involve your community through Web3

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Endless possibilities are waiting for you

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The future of community involvement

Blockchain technology and NFTs allow more freedom and power to end users, creating a new way of interaction and collaboration between organizations and their community.

  • Create and sell your digital art (NFT) to your audience

  • Grant exclusive access and rights to make them members

  • Co-create to involve your community in your project

  • Reward your most engaged members and increase their loyalty



Kodao.io helps you create and develop your Web3 project

Starting a web3 project can be frightening as the tools and the technology evolve at a very high pace. At Kodao.io, our goal is to help you get started in the best possible conditions..

  • Offer a unique experience to your community members

  • Develop your own Web3 ecosystem with our tailor-made services

  • Get a custom support throughout the creation of your project.

  • For a simple and efficient start, opt for a turnkey solution with Kodao Pack


Let's get started

Is Web3 really for me?

Whether you are a company, a content creator or an association, many opportunities are now available for you through Web3. With Kodao.io, you can now adopt this technological revolution without having to worry about the technical aspects!

If you have already created a token or an NFT project and want to give more utilities to your community we can help you take your project to the next level!

A specialized team passionate about Web3!

Kodao.io was created in 2021 after having noticed a lack of understanding of the Web3 environment. We decided to create a web development and consulting agency in order to help organizations and creators to move from the traditional system to a new innovative and decentralized one.

We will bring our expertise in all aspects of your Web3 project.

Mathieu F.

Mathieu F.
Co-founder / Web Developer

Luca V.

Luca V.
Co-founder / Business Developer

Any questions? Check out our FAQ!

Web3, blockchain, NFTs, what do these terms mean and are they really useful for your organization ? We answer to that in the FAQ!

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